Johanna J Interview by Sana TK

Without further ado let’s begin.

🏻- What inspired you to write your stories?

– Reading other stories inspired me to start my own.

🏻- Who is you role model?

-My brother Alex.

🏻- Favourite episode stories?

– Dangerous love, Start a riot, and LUCKY.

🏻- Is the story of Reina based on you? –– Oh, God no. her story is a figment of my imagination.

🏻- What’s your dream job?

– I want to be therapist and help people

🏻- Favourite Song?

– The devil within by Digital daggers, Stone cold by Demi Lovato.

🏻- Celebrity Crush?

– SoMo 🤤

🏻- Funny incident?

– I was trying to impress my crush the first day of school a couple years ago. I decided to straighten my hair since it’s naturally curly. When I arrived at school it started getting humid and that whole day my hair was a frizzy mess.

🏻- Best compliment ever received?

– I can’t pick out a specific one, every compliment I receive brightens my day! –

🏻- Where are you from?

– Sunny old Florida.

🏻- Your talent apart from writing?

– I sing sometimes.

🏻- Favourite quote that inspires you?

– “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” –Steve Jobs️️

🏻- Any advice to your followers?

-Be yourself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

🏻-Well! That’s all guys️️

Hope you all enjoyed..
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Stories by Johanna J: Tortuous, Salvador, and Vengeance

Interview conducted by Sana TK @x_prettixwriter_s.episode