J. Marshall Interview by Sana TK

Now without further ado let’s begin this interview now shall we.

-(🏻)- What inspired you to write your stories?

-(🏼)- Music has always had a huge effect on me. Every song has a purpose and a deeper meaning which gave me all these little ideas – that’s how a story came along haha.

-(🏻)- Who is your role model in real life?

-(🏼)-I wouldn’t say I have a particular role model, but there are people such as celebrity’s (Al Pacino, Robert De Nero ect.) Who are really amazing people with amazing stories.

-(🏻)- Episode Favourites?

-(🏼)- My favourite stories on episode has to be of course, A Touch of Rain by Anastasia.Vic and LUCKY by R.Blythe. -(🏻)- Where are you from?

-(🏼)-The south of Britain.

-(🏻)- Is the story of Jasmine and blaze based upon you?

-(🏼)-There are a few plots here and there which were based upon me. Jasmine was more based on me (as Jasmine is my real name) but not everything was on me.

-(🏻)- What message would you give to people who are or were suffering like Jasmine and Blaze respectively?

-(🏼)-I would like people to open up about how they’re feeling – I’ve always wanted to spread awareness about the true issues in life and all I have ever wanted is for people to be happy. Talk out if you’re suffering from mental health, don’t keep it inside.

-(🏻)- Who is your beer friend/best friend?

-(🏼)- @episode.anastasia aka Anastasia, @ep.rebecca aka Rebecca and @completely.reckless aka Kae -(🏻)- Favourite songs (currently)?

-(🏼)- Careless Whisper by George Michael, When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys and Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes.

-(🏻)- Apart from Tom Hardy,who is your celebrity crush?

-(🏼)-Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey JR and Heath Ledger (god rest his soul)

-(🏻)- Ever pulled over by a cop?

-(🏼)-I’m too young to get pulled over, but I was arrested one time as I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do, but happened to me. I’m quite open about it because it’s all the little things that define who you are.

-(🏻)- Share a funny incident that happened recently

-(🏼)- I don’t think I’ve had one as such

-(🏻)- Your Age?

-(🏼)- I’m 15, 16 in June.

-(🏻)- Any advice to your followers in general?

-(🏼)- Never stop smiling. Be happy, don’t take no s*** from anyone.

-(🏻✔️)- Well that’s all folks! Hope you guys enjoyed this mystery interview…

Thanks to @psycho.writes for agreeing to this interview with me.
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J. Marshall is the author of Issues, and The Little Issues

Interview conducted by Sana TK @x_prettixwriter_s.episode