1000 Miles Review by Alison R.

I think the plot of this story was very well written! There weren’t many flaws, and I felt very captivated by the story. Interesting things happening, new people to meet, etc. ((Though the title isn’t really related to the plot, I think the title was quite an eye catcher and creative!))

As for the character development, I felt a connection to Will. Like, how we can all relate to being in pain, and having hard choices, and giving in to love. I think a lot of people can relate: Falling in love always hurts, and he was scared of getting hurt.

As for the spot directing – I thought it was done pretty well, but somewhat basic, could’ve used some more creativity, but new writers still need time to adjust. I know it took me forever to figure out spot directing. As for the grammar – very little to no flaws. The dialogue was very fluent, and the comedic moments definitely got a few chuckles out of me. How I would rate: 8/10. You could tell the author put a lot of thought intoThe script, and gave the characters a lot of thought as well. I would definitely recommend it, as it is a great story! ((Especially for newcomers to the app, people could learn some things about character development and how to write an amazing romance story!)) and I can admit it definitely made me think a lot about how to write a good romance story as well. Great story!

Story: 1000 Miles
Author: Kirsty Anne

Reviewer: Alison R @her.episode
Reviewer’s Story: her.