Happy Friday my loves! I come bearing the best news; NEW HAIRSTYLES AND LIP COLOURS! Yasss honey, give it to me! I don’t even make stories myself but I still love seeing the newness come in. And let me tell you Episode have come through. 
There are a whole load of new curly hairstyles that look STUNNING. Stunning I tell you. From long voluminous curls, to braided dreads, to bantu knots. And that’s just the ladies. Gentlemen, you have not been left out; curly loose afro, mohawks and loose dreads. 
To me, the stars of this release show though are the lip colours. Oh lordy, the lip colours. 22 new choices, say what?! And in a variety of gloss OR matte?! Shut the front door! If you are a makeup addict like me then I’m sure you feel me on this. I’ll leave the full list down below cos that’s a lot of colours for me to go through, but a couple of my favourites are; Royal Blue, Blood Orange and  Red Garnet. Weird cos I’m usually a nude fan through and through but these colours make me feel things. I believe that these lip colours were designed with darker skin tones in mind and they look absolutely beaut, but I don’t doubt that these colours would look good on a variety of skin tones as well. 
I could end this by saying something about The Sims. I really could. But, I won’t. You’re welcome 🙂 

Here is the full list:

Limelight Female Hairstyles

  • Voluminous Curls
  • Braids Up Do
  • Dreads Braided
  • Bantu Knots
  • Long Voluminous Curls Loose

Limelight Male Hairstyles

  • Short Side Part Curly Hair
  • Mohawk Dreads Short
  • Dreads Loose Top Short
  • Curly Loose Afro Hair

Limelight Lip Colours

  • Red Garnet Matte
  • Red Garnet Gloss
  • Dark Mauve Matte
  • Dark Mauve Gloss
  • Dark Amethyst Matte
  • Dark Amethyst Gloss
  • Blackberry Matte
  • Blackberry Gloss
  • Pink Cashmere Matte
  • Pink Cashmere Gloss
  • Blood Orange Matte
  • Blood Orange Gloss
  • Dark Apricot Matte
  • Dark Apricot Gloss
  • Royal Blue Matte
  • Royal Blue Gloss
  • Gold Deep Matte
  • Gold Deep Gloss
  • Ash Deep Matte
  • Ash Deep Gloss
  • Copper Deep Matte
  • Copper Deep Gloss

Limelight Female Clothing

  • Front Cover Headwrap Cotton Purple
  • Front Cover Headwrap Cotton Stripes
  • Full Turban Headwrap Cotton Brown
  • Full Turban Headwrap Cotton Purple Zebra