First New Art Releases of 2019!

Happy New Year guys! Canny believe we’re actually in 2019. Dis crazy. Someone was talking about Friends (tv show) on twitter the other day and were saying about the episode of Emma’s first birthday, where they film a video to show her on her 18th birthday and Chandler says ”Hi Emma, it’s the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?” Well, it’s only flippin gonna be 2020 next year! Mind blown. 
Anyways, the reason I’m here is that Episode have announced the first new accessory releases of 2019! Woo! Now, just so y’all know, I’m SOOO tempted to talk about The Sims right now. SO TEMPTED. I feel like I can’t though, cos every time there’s a new clothing/art release I bring it up. Like word vomit. Or the word squits. Lovely. So this is me very explicitly NOT talking about it. I feel like this is personal growth. Are we proud? 
The new releases include head wraps, full turbans and sari’s in some gorgeous colours. New releases also include new tattoo designs, which thrills me no end. Not to bring up a certain video game, but one of the best days of my life was when they came out with tatts for the characters. See, not talking about it. Personally, I love a good tattoo. Got 3 myself so far and I plan on getting more. 
With such a promising start to releases in 2019, I’m looking forward to seeing what else Episode has in store for us the rest of the year!
Full List of New Releases

Limelight Female

  • Fringed Patterned Scarf Cotton Grey Black
  • Front Cover Headwrap (in cream, fuchsia and green)
  • Full Turban headwrap (in teal, blue, red candy, yellow saffron)
  • Knotted short tied striped scarf in grey black
  • Pleated Sari (in pink and purple royale)
  • Dagger heart tattoo (arm)
  • Compass rose tattoo (arm)
  • Floral tattoo (arm)

Limelight Male

  • Dagger and Roses Tattoo (arm)
  • Swallow Tattoo (arm)
  • Knotted Short Tied Stripped Scarf
  • Moccasin Slippers (in green olive, grey black, neutral bole and red rose)