HOLD THE PHONE AND SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Okay, I know this is a Thursday and Thursday isn’t my Episode life day BUT Episode has just announced a new featured story so all schedules get thrown out of the window. So, the new featured story is called… (drum roll please)… The Kiss List, or should I say The K*ss List.
I’ve taken a little peruse at Episode’s Instagram announcing this new story and this is the basic plot;
“The K*ss List. IS. HERE 😍 And honey, you’re playing the Queen Bee at Kentwood Academy 🐝 Your mission should you choose to accept it: disrupt the reigning bully’s social order AND take on her challenge of completing The K*ss List…or leave Kentwood FOREVER. Find out if you have what it takes to grow your squad and go head to head with Riley today.”  
From what I can gather in the comments of Episode’s post is that this story seems to have been written and released on Episode before by a user (@mariam.stories) Have any of you guys read the original story, if so how does it compare with Episode’s featured version? (UPDATE:) Right, okay guys I have investigated this further because I wasn’t aware what was going on and Episode’s comment section were slightly confusing to me. Well, it’s a tricky one, I can see both sides and the rights and wrongs. I’m not going to make this a bashing session, because I really don’t like to feed into negativity and I really want to keep this site as positive as possible. This isn’t really about side taking but more of I wanted to get the full picture of what was going on. I can definitely see how frustrating and disheartening this would be for an author, as the wife of an author I see how much work goes into creating not only the story but the directing and animating as well. Hopefully things will work out into a fair ending for Mariam and maybe the only positive spin to put on this is that I can see in a lot of the comments that people are urging other readers to read her original story and saying that it makes for a better read so she is getting at least some of the recognition that she deserves. 
Now, I’m not gonna lie, this doesn’t call out to me to read it. This is no shade from me, I’m not saying that this is a bad story. I’m sure it’s a very good story, but just not my cuppa tea (fun fact about me: I HATE TEA WITH A PASSION!) I’m more of a thriller/horror/crime/action kinda gal myself. So, I would love to hear from you guys if it’s worth me giving it a shot. 
Just one last question before you guys go because I’m a nosy cow; how do you feel about featured stories compared to user stories? Discuss. 


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    Well, I prefer user stories 100%, the story is quite okay, there's a lot of swearing though.
    Also you're so funny Char! 🤣💕