Twice in a Lifetime by Cristina D

You play as Kira, a woman who’s life is crumbling down around her. As a former cheerleader, there was a time when her relationship with her football player boyfriend was perfect. Now, all they do is argue. When she’s hit by a car and sent into a coma, Kira is able to relive recent events and make different decisions. Is she dreaming, or is she actually able to change the past and correct he mistakes she’s made?

Along with being immaculately directed, this story has an incredibly enticing hook – what if you could go back and choose another path in life? I’ve never seen this done in Episode before, but it is an absolutely perfect concept for the app! That being said, a perfect concept doesn’t always equal a perfect story, but rest assured, this idea is implemented with skill and finesse in Twice in a Lifetime.

I love how you can see different choices, but certain ones are locked! It really conveys how Kira is trapped in conforming to a certain way of life. Then, when previously locked choices become unlocked, it feels so invigorating!

There are only 3 episodes so far, but I for one am eagerly awaiting the next chapters! Highly recommended if you want to read something thoughtful, intriguing, and unique!

Twice in a Lifetime
by Cristina D

Instagram: @crisd.episode

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Mature themes: Yes (mild)
Strong language: Yes (mild)

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