Mysterious Signals by Antika

You play as Emilia, commander of a ship that is hurtling towards a star. For some odd reason, the ship’s AI is acting very strange, and you must solve puzzles to uncover the truth!

This is a very short story at just 3 episodes, but one you absolutely should try! I loved the directing, which was really polished and interesting (especially in one explosion scene!) and the story was so refreshing and unique. The way the characters spoke to each other, the narration, and the directing all made me feel like I was in an exciting space movie – something I didn’t think I was gonna find on Episode!

I also REALLY enjoyed the puzzles, which made clever use of overlays and transitions – and your performance in these puzzles actually affects which ending you get (there are 3!)

Overall this is a superb little gem of a story that I’m so glad I found!

Mysterious Signals
by Antika

Instagram: @waking_up_episode

Genre: Science Fiction
Episodes: 3
Mature themes: No
Strong language: No

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    does that relate to braided love? Or am I thinking of a different Brook?

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    Thank you, here too (just imagine me bowing and saying thank you all the time 😂) for picking my story 💖 I'm seriously more than happy that you enjoyed it 😮

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    Oh gosh 😱 thank you so much Caitlin 💖 I'm happy you enjoyed it so much 💖

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    It was my Mysterious contest entry back then 😊 so yeah it only contains edited backgrounds and animations 😊 but I've started using overlays now, if you'd like to read a scary story, my Haunted: Brook is my entry for the current Haunted contest 🤔 (also a very short story, but the directing takes me a lot of time 😂)

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    I had no idea it was made before overlays! I'm even more impressed now!

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    I've read this a number of times and I recommend it to all the sci-fi lovers (and everyone, actually). Also: this was done BEFORE the overlays. Just think of the amount of work there. I'm more than happy that you've appreciated this story, Joseph!

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    LOVE this story! It's been one of my absolute favorites since it first came out! The author is crazy talented and all of her work is simply incredible! ❤️