Dark Dreams Reviewed by Beth Price

When I began reading in the Episode app I had no idea that I would ever find an author with the talent as vast and passionate as Viola Musaraj has, and she displays these phenomenal talents superbly in this romantic drama ‘Dark Dreams’.

A coming of age story about a young woman who amid the devastation of losing her father to cancer and the fear of disappointing her mother and tarnishing the expectations her father held of her she must seek to find her own way through a vapid and superficial high school, where wealth and control counts more than anything.

Where dark secrets are hidden and those who hide them will do anything to keep them out of sight.

In reply to this one avenger seeks to destroy the secrets hidden with the realm of the school where rich kids do come out to play, but who is Urban Skull? What does he know that can bring the high and mighty down?

Her heart split between two guys, not your typical good guy and bad guy, in fact these two are best friends, as close as brothers but in a tale as old as time the only thing that can come between old friends is love of the same girl.

Which one will she choose? The one who hides his heart well or the one who wears his upon his sleeve, either way her journey will not be easy.

Dark Dreams is quite frankly the perfect story. It has everything – romance, drama, even some parts horror and even delightful light moments of comedy. In the hands of such a talented writer as Viola Musaraj this story is a joy to read and at parts like being on a rollercoaster of emotions each one more thrilling than the last, but none ever expected by the reader.

This story I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a well written, perfect plot and storyline, interesting and well thought out characters and excellent spot direction. The time I have spent reading this story have quite simply been the best moments of my time while a part of the Episode community.

Story: Dark Dreams
Author: Viola Musaraj @purpleisweird

Reviewer: Beth Price @beth.epiart
Reviewer’s stories: Forbidden Pleasures & The Girl with Emerald Eyes