Share Your Story Saturday!

It’s the best time of the week, it’s Share Your Story Saturday! If you’re new here, firstly hello, and secondly welcome to Share Your Story Saturday. To give a brief rundown, SYSS is our way of helping you guys get your stories out there and seen by more people, hopefully leading to more reads for you!

If you have a story, or stories, that you want to tell people about then just comment down below your story, a bit of what it’s about and links so people can check them out! You can comment multiple stories, and even if you haven’t got a story out yet just comment the title and a bit about it and when you think it’ll be live! 

As well as that you don’t even have to have a story yourself you can also shout out a story, or stories, that you are loving right now. Just follow the same procedure down below of telling us the title, what the story is about and the link to read it!

Happy sharing everyone!

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    stroy name :Villain

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    Story Name: His or Hers
    Your friend FINALLY tells you her crush. What will you do when it’s the same guy you’ve been secretly in love with for the last 4 years?
    ManXMan | Full CC | Male MC
    This is my first ever story and I would really appreciate if you guys checked it out!
    Link below!

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    I’ve recently published 3 episodes of my first story Game On. This is my first time, so it would be great if you can read my story.

    Title: Game On
    Genre: Romance/Comedy
    Type: Limelight
    Number of episodes: 3 (Story is still ongoing)

    Description: Valerie Tillman has some issues with her past and she shut her down for the last 3 year. Her best friend finally persuades Valerie to go on a blind date. When Valerie goes to the date, she meets with a mysterious man who will change her life completely. While dealing with her love life, she also needs to protect her company from possible threats.

    MC and LI are fully customizable, choices are available each episode and MINI GAMES will be included in the upcoming episodes.

    Instagram: didiwrites_episode

    Link to the story:

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    Alice Martin 4 weeks ago

    Title: Lover’s Corner (Coming soon)
    Genre: Romance

    Maddie is a sophomore in college. And that means that the main things in her life are parties, drinking, and letting loose. And where better to do that then Lover’s corner? (Full CC, Limelight, No Gems, Not very many choices.)

    (Coming soon)

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    Title: Not Again
    Genre: Romance

    Description: Elle has found herself trust-less and always saying Not Again. But what happens when she meets Jacob? Can she learn to trust him or will she find herself saying Not Again, again? (Full CC) (Not very many choices.)

    New episodes are coming soon!

    I don’t have any social media, sorry.

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    @anni on Episode:) 1 month ago

    This is my first and brand new story named **“Love Is A Law!”** by Me, **@anni** on Episode:D (Instagram: episode_anni)

    You are Emilia Queens, a Special Agent of a secret organisation.
    Together you and your colleagues are on a complex mission. Leading the Special Forces and having mastered Martial Arts, you are ready to risk it all – but you have yet to learn the perks of seduction.

    Style: Limelight

    Genres: Action, Drama, Romance

    Amount of chapters: 4 (Ongoing)

    CC: Available from Episode 4.

    Gems: No gems needed, any choice available.

    **Happy reading!**

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    Genre: Fantasy and adventurous

    Description: Rossy was blessed with magical powers, which she wasn’t aware of. Will she be able to complete the unfinished tasks & unlock the secrets which her family kept from her? Find out.

    Follow my ig for updates: sparklejd_31 ☺️

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    After becoming viral overnight,the last thing you expect is faking relationship with your celebrity crush.Are you ready to play the game of lust,lies,fame and secrets?

    IG @akhi_episode for updates

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    Just published a new episode of my story Blindsided earlier this week!

    Blindsided by MerryMary

    Description: When Cyniah Gibson is unexpectedly introduced into Tobias Holloway’s life, he does what he can to change her jaded outlook despite his blindness.

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    Danique 1 month ago

    Story: Coping with Guilt

    Genre: Mystery (and romance)

    Description: A missing sister and a murdered mother. Will Emily and Damian get through this together or will their past keep haunting them forever? *CC*

    Follow my ig for updates: danique.episode ☺️

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      Danique 1 month ago

      Here’s the link:

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    Melanie 1 month ago

    Story Name: Who’s Gonna Survive?
    Genre: Thriller 
    I’m currently revamping this story so it’s on hold but I really hope that I will be done with it soon. My ig is @melanie.writes_ for updates 🙂

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    Title: Justified sinners
    Genre: mystery

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      What happens when you find out that your family isn’t who you thought and your life is going to change forever?Are you going find out who you really are? |CC|2LI|choices|Art scenes