Share Your Story Saturday!

Hello to one and all on this glorious Share Your Story Saturday! If you’re new here, firstly a warm welcome, and secondly welcome to Share Your Story Saturday. In a nutshell, SYSS is our way of helping you guys get your stories out there and seen by more people, hopefully leading to more reads for you!

If you have a story, or stories, that you want to tell people about then just comment down below your story, a bit of what it’s about and links so people can check them out! You can comment multiple stories, and even if you haven’t got a story out yet just comment the title and a bit about it and when you think it’ll be live! 

As well as that you don’t even have to have a story yourself you can also shout out a story, or stories, that you are loving right now. Just follow the same procedure down below of telling us the title, what the story is about and the link to read it!

Right, enough waffling from me,

Happy Sharing Saturday!

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    Hi there!
    I’d like to share my story “MANAGE ME.” with you.

    “Liv finally works in the city that never sleeps.The music business is tough. Will she find her way around her new job & resist the charm of the band she works for at the same time?”

    Seems to be one of those typical Romance stories, but trust me, it’s not. Many obstacles are put in Liv’s way, sometimes very drastically and in a brutal way. Link:

    Let me know your thoughts! xoxo Jas

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    Melanie 2 years ago

    My story is called “Who’s Gonna Survive?” By me, EMJ.WRITES. So far it has almost 500 reads 💗
    It is a thriller if you are into that 😉

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    Amara 2 years ago

    my story EVER A NEVER AFTER is a contest winner for OWN VOICES contest 

    thnk u!!

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      Hey everyone! My name is Ada and i published my first story on episode.
      i’d be more than happy if you give my story a shot🥲❤️

      Title: Glamour Girls
      Episodes: 3 (4 on EA)
      Genre: Comedy
      Style: LL
      Description: A talk show; one host and guests of 2 friends living in glamour. Can you keep up with the exciting drama and fun in their world of fashion and glam?
      •2MCs CC
      • A mix of drama, comedy and a little bit of romance
      • Advanced directing

      instagram: @episode.adaa
      Story Link:

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    merrymary.episode 2 years ago

    I am entering the Open Mic contest with a story called A Ray of Sunshine! It’ll be out around the deadline October 7. Follow me @merrymary.episode for more details

    ☀️Title: OM: A Ray of Sunshine

    ☀️Genre: Romance with a side of comedy and drama

    ☀️Description: They say you find love when you least expect it, right? That’s exactly what happens to Nadia when an elderly couple scheme to play matchmaker for their son, Samson.

    ☀️Total episodes: 4 (simple, short, and sweet)

    ☀️Extra details: CC for plus sized MC and male LI, simple choices, bonus scenes, and cameos by some characters from my other stories

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    Sashi 2 years ago

    For readers who like a well-written stories in the combo (spotlight and cinematic) style or willing to try something new. Here’s my story:

    Title: Million Dollar Gangster

    Description: Eloise went from being an ordinary girl to being a gangster’s wife. Can she take on a world of crime and love the man she chooses, even when society tries to keep them apart?