Share Your Story Saturday!

It’s that magical time again guys! If you’re new here, welcome to an occasion we like to call Share Your Story Saturday! It’s all about promoting your story, or stories, for free!

All you need to do is comment below the name of your story, a little bit of what it’s about, and the link for people to go read it! If you have more than one story then you can either put them into one comment, or across multiple comments.

And you can still join in even if you don’t have a story yourself but want to shout out a great read. Just comment your favourite story, little description, and the link for others to check it out.

Happy Sharing Saturday!

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    EronarddaurB 1 year ago

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    Story: You By My Side

    Style: Limelight
    Genre: Romance Episodes: 3 (episode 4 coming soon)
    Description: Will Alexa fall in love with her childhood bestie Samuel after she crosses path with him?
    Writer’s name: Cookie Insta: _.cookie._.spams._

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    Story: D.L.M.S.3: The Dark Twins

    Style: Limelight
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 36 (More coming soon and will be completed with 40 episodes)
    Description: They are twins, best friends, and have a family disease called “Hysteria”? Are they going to survive their disease or not?

    Writer Name: Joana Silva
    Instagram: @episodeartjo

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    Story: Villain
    Style: Limelight
    Genre: Drama, action
    Episodes: 11 (episode coming soon!)
    Description :In the eyes of everyone, she is a villain she marries her true love, but he does not love her back will his feelings change toward her, or will someone get in the way.

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    My story is called Clipped Wings!
    It’s an romantic drama fantasy YA.

    Aviana is a young dancer and gets swept up in the romance with her childhood friend, Orion. But there’s a price for flying too close to the sun… Her wings.

    Status: Ongoing
    Episodes 1-4 out now!
    Style: Limelight

    Instagram: housemdluvr24

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    Sashi 2 years ago

    For those who like stories with a combo (spotlight and cinematic) or willing to give it a chance with this style. Here’s my story:

    Title: Million Dollar Gangster

    Description: Eloise went from being an ordinary girl to being a gangster’s wife. Can she take on a world of crime and love the man she chooses, even when society tries to keep them apart?


    Author name: Sashi Rose
    Instagram: @authenticallysashi

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    CHAPTERS: 8 ( more are coming)
    GENRE: Romance – Drama 
    Full cc, LL

    Ivy moves to a new city for college, she finds herself in world filled with lies and betrayal. Will she survive that?

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    asilva.episode 2 years ago

    Title: The Tuscanian Academy Mistery

    Description: the disappearance of a teacher made a turmoil. Alex is a cop tasked with the surveillance of Amy’s classroom, whom has her way of unfolding the mistery…


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    Mirjam 2 years ago

    Story: Once in a lifetime
    Style: Limelight
    Genre: Drama
    Episodes: 17 (complete, bonus episode coming soon!)

    Description: What if a celebrity, who looks just like you offers you a deal to pretend to be her? A once in a lifetime opportunity, right?


    Writername: Mirjam_Writes

    Instagram: @mirjam.writes