To download this background, right click on the image (PC) or control click on the image (MAC) and select ‘Save Image As.”Terms of use for Episode Interactive:
Creator: Emma
Rules for Using My Backgrounds:
  • You CANNOT under any circumstances claim my backgrounds as your own. 
  • You MUST credit me in your story either using a “readerMessage” during the scene(s), or in a speech/narration bubble during the scene(s), or either method at the end of the chapter. You can credit me on your instagram, but you MUST credit me using one of the ways above.
  • You CANNOT change any of the backgrounds, UNLESS you DM me asking for permission, and I agree.
  • You CAN make overlays out of my backgrounds, as long as you credit me properly.
  • You CAN suggest a background, but there is no definite chance I will make that background.
  •  You CAN use my backgrounds on an edit, but you MUST credit me in the caption. 
  • If you violate any of these rules, I will confront you via DM and possibly block you from my account. If you’ve forgotten to credit, I might let it slide. At the end of the day, it’s my decision.
Instagram: @epyy.emma