Valentine’s Story Contest!

Greetings all, how are we doing? Are we all excited for the festive season or whatever you have planned over the holidays? Don’t get me wrong, I love all the festiveness but it don’t half make going outside a struggle, as in, you just want to get a coffee so you can function but there’s a mahoosive queue and a quick hour trip ends up being 6 hours later and Michael Buble stuck in your head. That being said, I am feeling in the festive spirit; the tree is up and it looks and I’ve had a fair amount of mulled wine and chocolate so far. Swings and roundabouts. 
Anywho, I am writing this today after seeing Episode Creators latest Insta post talking about a story contest! It’s their annual Valentine’s Day romance contest. Ooo la la. Have any of you guys entered a story contest before, and if you did, did you win?! 
Obvs because it’s for Valentine’s Day it’s all about the love and romancey things. The main theme for your story needs to be about ‘Missed Connections’ and tracking down an unknown love. Hmm, intriguing, I feel like this could make for a really cool rom com. If any of y’all enter I would love to see what kind of story you came up with. I shall not be entering myself because I think I would make a terrible writer tbh lol, not even joking I am so all over the place. I’m that person that when I’m telling you a story, you’ll get 7 mini stories and at least 2 lost my train thoughts thrown in. A story would never flow and I would love a racoon to be in a story but Joe tells me that there are no animals so I’m deffo out. 
I will leave the link to see the T&C’s and deets for this comp down below. Good luck to anyone who is going to enter and I’ll keep my fingers, toes and everything else crossed!