So if you guys don’t follow the official Episode Life Instagram, I mean first off, hello? Come join the fam (@episodelifedotcom) immediately. Secondly, if you don’t follow you wouldn’t have seen that I asked if y’all would want to see a section on here to shoutout/recommend Episode stories that may not get the love they deserve or the attention because they are under a certain number of reads, just as a figure I went with under 5k reads but feel free if you think it should be under a different figure. 
Well a whopping 98% of you said yes, so ask and you shall get. How do we feel about Wednesday launching this? 
I feel like the easiest and fairest way of working this is:
  • I’ll post on the Insta page (see this is why you should deffo be following) asking you guys to leave a comment on a story you enjoy each week that is under 5k reads on Episode.
  • Then I will go in and count the votes, in a situation where say two stories have come to a draw (so they’ve been tagged the same amount each) I will then do a poll where you guys can vote.
  • The story with the most votes/commented will go onto Episode Life!
Does this make sense? It does to me but then I live in this head and even I struggle to understand myself sometimes, so feel free to question what the hell I’m on about if this isn’t cohesive enough. 
Now I don’t wanna be ‘that’ person but just a couple of T&C’s; you CANNOT, under any circumstances recommend your own story. I’m all for a bit of self promo in the right time and place but this ain’t one of them. So please no repeated spam messages to me recommending your work. Going on from this, let’s keep the recs in the comments of the post. You’ve gotta remember, I have a wee brain and I’m not the best multi-tasker, so take pity on me and make it easy for me to count lol. Ew, I even hated typing this out, let’s move on. 
I really want to make this a positive place where you guys can be each other’s hype men/women and promote fantastic stories!