Hey guys! Okay, so remember a few posts ago where I proclaimed my love for The Sims? Well guess what, imma gonna do it again. Sims is the best. Legit the best. Specifically The Sims 3. Obvs everyone is entitled to their opinion and faves but if isn’t the Sims 3 then (and I say this with love) you’re wrong. I digress, this isn’t really about The Sims, but any chance I get to talk about it then I’ll jump on it like my cat does her treat sticks. 
Anyway the point of this post is that Episode have announced new art releases! (Btw, anyone wanna set up a I 💖Sims club together?) 
The new releases consist of new props (such as champagne flutes, book stacks and boxes) and new clothes (wool slacks for the fellas and tied flannel jackets for the ladies.) Woo, new wardrobe! What do you think of the new additions? What new clothing/props would you wanna see next?