Lost in Hope Reviewed by Jam Goethe

Story Review (by @novelsbyjam on Instagram)

Title: Lost In Hope
Author: C Makenzie / @c.m.episode on Instagram
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance with a little bit of Drama and some Comedy

Customization: Yes, there is customization for the MC and her love interest in the story. However, there is no need since, the characters are all beautiful.

Plot Summary: The MC, Robyn, is an international singer from California. Her team has booked a flight for her concert in Houston. At some point, they had to stop somewhere and Robyn accidentally, got left behind. She rented a car to catch up and all of a sudden, she took the wrong road which led her to a town in Texas called Hope. Being unaware, she crashed a barn that led her to being unable to go to her concert, and decided to stay at Hope to help fix the barn she crashed with the home owners: Owen and his son, Abel.

Length: Each episodes lasted for about 15 minutes reading time, if I’m not mistaken.

Grammar: Grammar was immensely good. Based from my observation, I don’t think there were any grammatical errors. I didn’t have a hard time reading and I can easily understand the story.

Directing: The directing was flawless. I loved how overlays were used here and there. Also for the zooms and such. The directing was just perfect.

Choices: There were only a few choices however, the story is what catches my attention so I didn’t mind if there were only a few choices. Although, changing of outfits and such were used.

Overall: This story is beautifully made. The story is unique and it’s nothing that I’ve read before. The characters are all beautiful, the storyline and everything. I must say, I had a few tears going on while reading because of how cute this story is. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance – drama type of stories. I can’t wait to see what happens next and this story is just impressive and gives me good vibes. 🙂

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