To download this overlay, right click on the image (PC) or control click on the image (MAC) and select ‘Save Image As.”Terms of use for Episode Interactive:

Creator: ThorneArtStudio

I, Angela Giesbrecht of ThorneArtStudio grant permission for my backgrounds and overlays to be used in episode interactive visual novels. Attribution is required at the end of the first episode the background appears in.
Attribution line as follows:
Background/Overlay by @thorneartstudio
If the material has been donated, please credit the sponsor:
Background/Overlay by @thorneartstudio and sponsored by @insertsponsorname
Do not redistribute, sell or claim as your own.
You may edit my materials for your own use, but you may not repost these materials. If you wish to share your edited backgrounds, they can be shared on my drive, so credits and terms of use are not violated. *Special permission to post on your own drives or sites may be granted, please inquire.
You may edit my backgrounds for your own use, the attribution line should read: Background/Overlay by thorneartstudio and edited by @yourinstagramhandle if it included a sponsor, this line must be credited as well.
Background/Overlay by thorneartstudio and sponsored by @insertsponsorname and edited by @yourinstagramhandle
If you have already credited @backgroundfactory (the old account), you do NOT have to go back and edit your credits, just credit @thorneartstudio for future.
Bullying, harassment, hate speech, slander will not be tolerated. If you do any of these things to me you are automatically banned from all drives and rights for use on any and all materials are revoked.
This drive was made in part to promote safe art use on the Episode app. Using google images, and otherwise copyrighted images is copyright infringement and is punishable by law and fines starting at 10k per image. Please practice safe art use and be use you can use the image for commercial use (a requirement by episode), and that you probably credit the artist.
I ask that if you use my materials, you please follow the episode guidelines and keep your stories and art acceptable for the 13+ demographic. Episodes terms of use can be found here:
ThorneArtStudio owns the rights to all materials and renders and can revoke rights for use if this license is violated. This includes any materials you have donated or paid for.
Angela Giesbrecht
revised 11/01/2018

Instagram: @thorneartstudio

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