Connect the Dots Reviewed by kere.episode

Story Review of Connect the Dots
Reviewed by: @Kere.Episode on Instagram
Title: Connect the Dots
Author: @Havana.writes (on Instagram AND Episode)
Style: INK
Genre: Drama (with some Mystery and Romance)
Customization: Yes, for the MC and her love interest
Length/Completion Status: 9 chapters released as of this writing – and the story is still in progress

Plot Summary:

The MC’s love interest and fiance, Graham, has been accused of murder and is being held in jail pending trial. As the MC rushes desperately to try to find evidence to clear him, secrets are brought to light that cause her and the reader to question how innocent he really is. Do you continue to 
believe in his innocence and help to free him or not?
Grammar: I noticed a few minor issues, but nothing that would interfere with anyone’s ability to understand or enjoy the story.
Directing: The directing is effective and definitely enhances the overall storyline.
Choices: Choices are present, both clothing choices and ones that affect the storyline.
Personal Commentary: When I first started reading this story, I wasn’t sure I wanted to finish it, mostly because I wasn’t sure I liked the MC’s 3 closest friends. One engages in random hookups (although the other 3 do try to get her to stop doing that), one hooks up with random strangers in bars but nowhere near as frequently as the first one, and the MC’s closest friend has a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with Graham’s best friend Matthew. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to be friends with people like this. However, I kept going, and I’m glad I did. As secrets are revealed, various characters have to start facing up to certain poor choices that were made in the past, and Havana.writes does this in an effective and dramatic way. I found Graham’s pleas to the MC to hang in there with him and declarations of love for her following his arrest and imprisonment to be particularly poignant. There are a number of flashbacks, not only from the night of the murder Graham stands accused of, but also about how the MC and Graham met and fell in love, the MC’s childhood, Graham’s childhood, and even the pasts of various of the MC’s 3 friends. All of this helped me to become invested with these characters because I felt like I understood them better.
Overall: The plot is engaging and the characters are endearingly human. They have flaws and make mistakes – they get hung up on the past. But then they have to face those behaviors and decide whether to learn and grow from it, to apologize for hurts done to their friends, or whether to run away and avoid the issue. If you like a good drama with imperfect but well-sketched people who have to face up to their shortcomings and decide whether to grow or not, Connect the Dots is well worth both a read and a spot on your Episode Stories I Recommend list.
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