Speechbubble Styles!

The Episode team have been beta testing speechbubble styles for a while, and they have now been rolled out to everyone! You can now choose between blue (like in Falling for the Dolan Twins), purple (like in Demi Lovato), and pink (like in Mean Girls)! You no longer have to name your stories Demi or Mean Girls to have access to these – you can choose them directly in your portal dashboard! And you can change styles any time you want!

Episode are also working on releasing two more speechbubble styles that will resemble those in Pitch Perfect and Pretty Little Liars! Here’s a sneak peek below!

One thing to note is that there is currently a bug for users who put spaces in their character display names (e.g. when using both first names and surnames). This is the kind of thing you might see.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but in the meantime try not to use any spaces 🙂

What do you guys think of these new Episode speechbubble styles? I love that we can change how they look whenever we want! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and let me know which style you’ll be using!

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