Crime Scene Script Template

Here’s a free crime scene template for you guys! To use this template, simply put your characters’ names in the input boxes below, click generate script, then copy all code, and you’ll be ready to paste it into your own script! Please bear in mind that some animations only exist for a particular gender, so if your characters are a different gender to the ones displayed in the image above, you may have to substitute some animations for the template to work.
Download the Crime Scene background here.
Template created by April H. @thekettle.episode


@zoom reset

@transition fade in black 2

@CHARACTER1 spot 0.479 296 263 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER1 starts startled_surprised

@CHARACTER2 spot 0.479 250 263 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND CHARACTER2 faces right AND CHARACTER2 is idle_notepad

@CHARACTER3 spot 0.479 180 263 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND CHARACTER3 starts tinker_kneel_loop

@CHARACTER4 spot 0.480 63 240 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND CHARACTER4 starts read_phone_neutral

@pan to zone 2 in 4

@zoom on 639 145 to 265%

@pause for 2]